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About Us

Trust with a vision, mission, aims and objectives are essential for an institution therefore, we provide quality education to the children using appropriate tools, techniques and values that will be committed to nurture and cultivate creative citizen who are endowed with leadership traits and coveted characters. The school offers unique academic and living environment with continupis interaction. We cannot achieve our goal without the dedication and commitment of the faculty, active support and co-operation of the parents and the enthusiastic efforts of the student that makes the teaching learning process smooth and speedy.

The school lays stress on harmonious development of metal, physical, spiritual aspects of a child and to create compassionate, responsible, dedication and innovative students who could keep pace with rapidly changing environment and advancement of scientific age.


The mission of SKPPS is to harness the hidden potentially and core competencies of the young minds by sowing the seed of intellect and human values, using practices and pedagogy comparable to best available in the world. c\Committed to excellence and innovation, we focus on the holistic development of young minds by providing emotional stability and strength of character to make the productive, creative and talented citizens of the world.



Our aim is not just completion of syllabus; putting across facts to students and help them score good marks. Our true aim is preparation for life, to embalm the wounds of shrieking humanity, to wipe out the tears of less fortunate and to fight against the social evils with unflinching fortitude. To set an example of selfless service towards humanity, 100 poor students are provided free education in various branches of SKP.